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تك صو إرفع

Take the Mic gathered entries from across 4 Michigan counties. Through community voting, we selected the prize winners! Now it's time to keep spreading the messages of hope and covid safety! Learn more on the the About the Contest page.

Word Submissions

Participación escrita

عمليات إرسال الكلمات

1st place — Elizabeth R.

Wear a mask they say

Stay in and spread out

Try to get through the day

All of it makes me want to shout!

Constantly changing habits

Filled with frustration and dread

Spending all day on different gadgets

All so someone else doesn’t end up dead.

Nothing is perfect

But we can all help mitigate the threat

Work together to protect

Take precaution to avoid the regret.

We are all soldiers

But some may not have the strength

The responsibility does not land on one person’s shoulders

We all must work on the same wavelength.

We are all humans

Together we can avoid ruin

Wear a mask, I promise,

We can all get through this task

Wash your hands

We all want to get back to our plans

Stay apart, and save everyone with a heart

Let’s work together, and survive altogether!

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Wear a Mask

Reflections on COVID precautions with a focus on wearing a mask

Use la mascarilla

Reflexiones sobre las precauciones del COVID con un enfoque en el uso de la mascarilla

إرتدي قناعاً

تأملات في الإحتياطات من داء الكورونا COVID مع التركيز على ارتداء قناع

2nd place — Julie P.

A part of me died yesterday

Looking in the window at Dad

A shell of himself

Battered and bruised


The signs were there

Sleeping more

Moving less

Falling even more

The caregivers we’ve seen

Are so kind and caring

Yet, they are not enough

To care for all the needs

Families and friends

Are not allowed in

Due to COVID restrictions

So the needs continue

And isolation increases

With no reserves

And cognition diminishing

It’s hard to believe that

Quality of life

Is there at all

Grieving on many levels

Love you Dad ❤️

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A Part of Me Died Yesterday

Grieving for loss of seeing a parent due to COVID restrictions

Una parte de mi murió ayer

Tristeza por perderse de ver a los Padres debido a las restricciones del COVID

جزء مني مات بالأمس

الحزن على رؤية فقدان أحد الوالدين بسبب القيود المفروضة على داء الكوفيد COVID

3rd place — SJ W.

Be your brother's keeper

A vaccine taker,

Mask wearer,

A true life saver

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Be Your Brother’s Keeper

Poem about keeping your loved ones safe from COVID

Sea el guardián de su hermano

Poema acerca de cómo mantener a sus seres queridos a salvo del COVID

كن حارساً لأخيك

قصيدة عن الحفاظ على أحبائك في مأمن من داء الكوفيد

Media Submissions

Participación con otros Medios de Comunicación

التقديمات الإعلامية

1st place — Jeff K.

Listen to the song:

Over and Over

A song about impact of COVID on frontline workers and ways to keep our community safe

Una y otra vez

Una canción sobre el impacto del COVID en los trabajadores de primera línea y las maneras de mantener segura a nuestra comunidad

مراراً وتكراراً

أغنية عن تأثير داء الكورونا COVID على العاملين في الخطوط الأمامية وطرق الحفاظ على مجتمعنا آمنًا.

2nd place — Natsume O.

Help Michigan Out, Wear a Mask

Animation of state of Michigan turning into someone putting on a mask

Ayuda a Michigan, usa la mascarilla

Animación del Estado de Michigan convirtiéndose en alguien que se pone una mascarilla

ساعد ميشيغان في الخروج من الوباء ، إرتدِي قناعًا

صورة متحركة لولاية ميشيغان تتحول إلى شخص يرتدي قناعًا

3rd place — Heather W

Spread Hope, Not COVID

Graphic image of a women wearing a mask

Propagar Esperanza, No COVID

Imagen gráfica de una mujer con una mascarilla

أنشر الأمل ، وليس داء الكوفيد

صورة بيانية لامرأة ترتدي قناعا

The winners are:
Written word entries Other media entries
1st place
“Wear a Mask”
Elizabeth R.
“Over and Over”
Jeff K.
2nd place
“A Part of Me Died Yesterday”
Julie P.
“Help Michigan Out, Wear a Mask”
Natsume O.
3rd place
“Be your Brother’s Keeper”
“Spread Hope, Not COVID”
Heather W.